For Sarah

I only got to know Sarah in the couple of years before she died. However, during that time, we had some splendid sessions and two of the tracks this E.P. were written as we jammed.
They were: Chains and Lord I bin Cryin’
The other two, the mandolin tunes Carty’s Bounce and Red Shoes for Sarah, had already been written, but they would probably have never been recorded if it weren’t for the enthusiasm shown by both Sraha and Dave.
In fact Sarah, named them both and played guitar when we first ran through them.
Sadly I think these recordings have been lost.
However it was during these visits to their wonderful house and grounds that I recal my fondest memory of Sarah.
It was a lovely summers day and we were outside on the swing playing.
Sarah put some meal worms in my hand and got me to hold them out for the birds to feed.
Lo and behold down came a robin and fed from my hand.
It felt like a miracle to me, that brush with with the wild among the trees and the flowers.
And this is how I remember Sarah, a child of nature most at home in the wild.