Goats are Great


1 Atlantis

I love the idea of Atlantis and its disappearance and enduring influence intrigue me no end. However I wrote it for the Eurovision song contest.  But  if anyone can tell me how to get a song before whoever chooses it I am all ears. The B.B.C., from what I experienced trying to send it in, have got it all sewn up.  Jobs for the boys if you ask me.  Listen to this song.Its brilliant and full of promise and it would have won.

2 Only for Love

Debbie Morse sings this with her husband Nik and its lovely.  Again its an old thing I never really knew what to do with.  However with Debbie n Nik and the amazing Wayne Morris around it all came together. Its lovely.

3 It’s all falling down now

A collage of voices and instruments brilliantly orchestrated by  Wayne.

4 Three Genes

Another song for Dan’s monkey sanctuary.  Again I hope it helps make them lots of money to help these animals.

5 Shallow waters

An attempt to kick myself up the arse and get some positivity going.

6 We know what love is

This is demonic rock with Wayne loud and proud wielding his axey thing

7 Busted

A slow blues that attacks this government whose only consideration is to line the pockets of their rich masters and further impoverish the most needy in our society.  Bedroom tax my arse!

8 I’m going home

A lovely little song to commemorate my life and recognize its coming to the las t bit.  Hopefully gracefully but you never know.

9 Is it true?

An old song from my ‘Wellington’ days and given a wild ride by Wayne as he synchronizes the rhythm section like crazy.

10 All in the land of the dying

Eat your heart out Leonard Cohen.  If you write lyrics more depressing than this there is no hope for any of us.

11 Look at me now

Another very depressing song that lingers on the days when things were not so damned good.

12 Oh my Maria

This is just superb. Wayne’s orchestration on this song is just so moving.

I should say here a big thankyou to Wayne for his amazing contribution to this album …………    and I hope to many more.

12 I Can’t Complain

This is a two track E.P. that I released for my dear friend Michael Raftery [Chips]  Both songs on here will feature on Drums on the Soar which is soon to be released .  The lyrics were some Chips had written before his death and I put them to music.  So long is my own tribute to him and his lovely life.  I miss you Chips