Drums on the Soar

drums 2drums cover

1 Red hot woman

A nifty little rocker with some great orchestration and solo by Wayne

2 The Lady Jane of Grey

This will appear on Kate Easton’s Bradgate Park venture so that people can become more aware of the park’s role and place in history.It is preceded by a short eulogy to try and set the scene of Janes short life.  There is an ironic parallel here with the life of Lady Di.

3 Thankyou from the bottom of my heart

I wrote this for Jack to thank him for his wonderful life and his contribution to mine.

4 And Mother Earth is waiting

This may seem a bit out of kilter with the rest of the album but I have put it on because I love it.  It’s beautifully sung by Debbie Morse first off but it’s a celebration of winter without all the Christian stuff that has been shoved into the old pagan traditions.

5 Elephant’s nest up a rhubarb tree

Well I wrote a lot of this album in a caravan near Hope cove late last summer  and the weather was wild and it was all a little bit spooky all on my own down there.  Anyway that may explain the nature of some of the tracks. This one in particular is wonderfully odd..the title is something my Dad used to say and it turns out that this is a rhyme written by H.E.Bates of Darling Buds Of May fame.  The rest apparently goes;-

The Elephant is a dainty bird It flits from bough to bough

It builds its nest in a rhubarb tree and it whistles like a cow

6 Down the lane your beauty lies

I have done this again but this time with Wayne’s orchestration which captures that wonderful pastoral feel of the English countryside.

7 Don’t panic

This is a rap and I can tell you rap is hard. This is my first attempt and though the track works

I have reservations about my ability to flow.  Anyway  the song is a clever little attempt to look at Leicester’s ecological track record.

8 Living in the forest

Something I would so like to do and get back to nature and away from all this materialistic nonsense forced on us by the politicians and their banker masters.

9 I can’t complain

This is the song that my great friend Chips wrote the lyrics to and I wrote the music after he died.Its on the E.P. with ‘So Long’

10 Love is a drug

My second rap and I think I’m getting there with this one.

11 Whisky

Addiction! Its such a slippery slope and hard to get back once you’re on the slide.

12 So Long

The second song for Chips, God bless you mate.

13 Never far from home

A reminder that however hard it gets there is light at the end of the tunnel and bad things that happen always offer other and better possibilities [Every cloud etc,]

14 The first Christmas

Debbie’s singing this and its lovely.  It’s a reminder of the real Christian message of peace and love and just makes you realize how ridiculous war in the name of religion is.